Saturday, February 23, 2013

Thumbs Up

Photos of Art Do you ever take photos of other art, like statues and other things of this nature? I find it quite difficult to do something unique that does not feel like a derivative work. A good case in point is below… I find it to be a nice little challenge to do something new with the piece of art… maybe get an angle or explore an idea that would even please the original artist! An homage of sorts, perhaps… Daily Photo – Thumbs Up This comes from a cool and unexpected part of Paris called La Defense. Regulars know the area well, but I had never been there until this most recent trip. There were thousands of interesting angles, objects, lines, reflections, statues, and, well, everything! I only spent one evening there shooting, but it is definitely going to be on my list for next time… it’s not “traditional Paris” but it is still most photo-worthy!

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